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Methods for removing chewing gum from carpets

chewing gum
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Having chewing gun stuck to your carpet does not keep your floor fresh, it can also be one of life’s common annoyances, particularly if it ends up getting smudged right into your brand-new financed carpet. Because we know how aggravating it can be, the team at Wii Clean have come together and put a few ideas for when you get stuck (pun intended).   We have three ideas from three 3 different people for you to try. You tell us what you think works the best.

Using Product

From what we have found the best method for removing chewing gum from carpets is to apply professional chewing gum remover, something like the “Goo Gone Original Liquid”. Simply leave it in to soak and then break it up and SOFTLY remove gum with a blunt knife.

You’re as cold as ice

Something a little more accessible and the second-best method for removing gum from carpets involves using ice to freeze the chewing gum but it’s important to do this before you start attacking it with sharp pointy objects. This method is simple apply, just apply ice cubes to the crime scene area and ensure you leave enough time to freeze and harden the gum. Monitor the scene by probing the gum making sure it’s gone hard.  Once you have confirmed its frozen then peel the gum away from the surface taking care not to pull too hard and risking damaging the fibres.

Hot Hot Hot

This is the oldest trick in the book but never used at Wii Clean. The Final way to get gum out of carpet is to use a hairdryer to heat the gum and make it more pliable. It can make it easier to scrape out of the fibres, but we find it only makes matters worse. Making the chewing gum all sticky again and further embedding the gum into more fibres. TRY WITH CAUTION! haha

At Wii Clean, we know that there are a hundred other ideas to remove chewing gum from the carpet, but we want to keep the content short and sweet for you. We will cover the other methods in other articles so keep an eye out

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