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Keep on top of your office cleaning

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No one went to school or college to learn office cleaning, nor do they have any online government backed diplomas you can enrol on which is why many people always ask us a t Wii Clean for guidance on how to keep on top of their office cleaning. Questions many clients ask are things like:

  • How often should I be cleaning certain areas of the office?
  • what cleaning supplies should I use and what shouldn’t I use?
  • What if no one goes in that room, should I still clean it?

These are all common questions when the discussion of office cleaning crops up so we have created a simple three step system to help answer the questions.

Step 1: Examine your workspace.

Although you might not have customers strolling through the office looking to purchase a £4000 handbag, you must treat your office like this is the case. YOU MUST BE PROUD! This puts your brain in OCD mode, and when your in OCD mode it becomes contagious and other people not only feel bad for being messy but they will also want to join your mission of keep the workspace clear.

Start by walking round with some other members of the office and note done parts of the office that need attentions and extra organising. Most of the time this will be round the printer area or wherever the invoice trays sit. Note down all “high traffic” areas of the office and pay special attention to how quickly it can get dirty if not cleaned, places like the front door, the hallway, the kitchens and the bathrooms.

Step 2: round up the crew

You’ve worked out what parts of the office need attention and you have also convinced your crew to join you on a conquest to keep the office clean and they seem keen as mustard (for the meantime). So now it’s time to delegate, but before doing so, it would be a wise move to ask your team for any preferences. Whether its on the suppliers, the products, the machinery, anything that’s not going to give anyone an excuse to why they can’t do the task. We have all heard it “the hovers rubbish”, “the spray doesn’t smell nice”, “the soaps not chemical free”. This would also be a good stage to educate your team about how the office should be cleaned. You can also ask your team to muck in some ideas of their own best practices.

Step 3: Call in the pros! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Once you have identified what needs to be cleaned in your office, and you’ve got your team all singing from the same hymn sheet, then it’s time to move onto the last step. The final step is hiring a professional cleaning company, aka Wii Clean. Now the reason we suggest hiring a professional cleaning company is because its always good to have someone else oversee you and your team’s effort from a professional aspect. If your office is small then having cleaners may not be a priority and if you do have a larger office but can’t afford full-time cleaners then have them come in once a week, or once every other week. Even if you and your team maintained the office for the whole month and then got Wii Clean or any other professional cleaning service to do a monthly clean you would notice a HUGE difference!

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