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3 ways to keep a small room tidy

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I could bet that your living room is not the same as mine and neither is it the same as your next door neighbours… in fact living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, the smaller the space, the harder it can be to keep organized and clean. Once you been to the gym, fed the cat and then fed yourself the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning and tidying, so your tidy, small living space now looks like a bomb hit it.
Now if this sounds like you, you have no reason to panic! I have a few simple solutions that will help you stay on top of things. It turns out that even the messiest of people can keep their living rooms clean and under control, it just takes planning. To prove our point, we rounded up some fool proof ideas for scoring a less-messy living room at home. From hidden storage spaces to multi-functional furnishings, here are a few ideas that’ll help keep your living room neat and tidy—or at least a little more manageable.

1.Find ways to integrate closed storage

Stop buying useless pieces of furniture that hold no practical purpose other than to put a photo of your dog on it. Try and think about how the furniture is going to work with the layout of the room. There is nothing better than going to a friend’s house to see a stylish multifunctional piece of furniture, sounds sad but its true. Multi-functional furnishings such as storage ottomans, sofas with seat storage, and even coffee tables with secret storage compartments are all great for stashing stuff in and keeping your living room organized.

2.Get rid of any items that are broken

If your anything like me you will have things lying around the house half broken, making the place look untidy. I know it’s hard, but you got to let go if they don’t serve any purpose. Remember you don’t have a lot of room, save it for when you have a bigger house 😊 don’t forget about your friends and family, they might want some of your gifts. Ask them before throwing them away.

3.Coffee, storage and a foot rest.

When it comes to purchasing a table think about storage. Ask any organized person and they’ll tell you the secret to a clutter-free coffee table is styling it with accessories that have hidden storage compartments. Instead of using the surface of your coffee tables to stack your stuff in plain sight, get something you can hide things in. also something sturdy enough to put your feet on. More uses the better!

To finish up

To bring this short piece to a end I want to add that having a clutter box in the room will help a huge deal and is a complete game changer. I know it defeats the overall objective of being tidy and organised but lets face it, something we just cant be bothered and if we are going to through things on the floor then we might as well have something to through it in so its all in one place for a later date, you know… when you do have time.

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